Fence for Timber Crib Wall

Fence for Timber Crib Wall

Do you have a Timber Crib Wall and need a fence at the top?

Traditionally this would be achieved by digging down at least 500mm and screwing the vertical post  to 2 or 3 of the horizontal underground timber members. This is very time consuming and it risks damaging the timber structure.

We can supply fence post mountings with these advantages:

  • Can be fitted after wall construction. Immediately or some years later.

  • No excavation is required

  • Requires no specialist skills or equipment

  • Costs from ¬£40 per post mounting – depending on number required

  • Can be fitted in under 30 minutes per post.

  • Incredibly strong but also protective of timbers below ground

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We would love to hear about your detailed requirements and we would be pleased to discuss them with you and provide more information as required.